How to Keep Your Teeth and Gums Healthy

Knowing how to keep your teeth and gums healthy is important for a variety of reasons including (as noted) your health, your emotions, your relationships, your employment and your overall well-being.

Below you’ll find Dr. DMD’s Top 10 list of how to keep your teeth and gums healthy.  You’ll find information from a variety of sources such as the Mayo Clinic, Web MD, The American Dental Association and many leading (and respected) sources of quality health information.Chesterfield Dentist Jennifer Wheeler DMD reveals the top 10 list on how to keep your teeth and gums healthy in 2016

By following the information listed below you’ll improve your ability to keep your teeth and gums healthy.  Why is it important to be proactive and invest the effort to keep your teeth and gums healthy?

It’s a known fact that people with healthy, beautiful smiles have an easier time finding employment and (on average) make more money.  It’s also a documented fact that having a beautiful, healthy smile improves your chances for finding the love of your life.

I think it’s important to keep your teeth and gums healthy for all those reasons and to help improve your overall feeling of self-confidence and well-being… and lest I forget… to help prevent more serious health issues like periodontal and heart disease.

Here are the top 10:

How to Choose the Best Dentist

Dental Checkups

Preventing Periodontal Disease (infographic)

9 Ways to Prevent (or Get Rid of) Bad Breath

Six Simple Strategies for Preventing Cavities

Amalgam vs Composite… Which Type of Restoration Is Best?

Traditional Braces or Invisalign®… Which Is Best for Me?

When Should I Consider A Smile Makeover?

When Dental Veneers Are My Best Option

General Dentistry Q & A

Cosmetic Dentistry Q & A

Restorative Dentistry Q & A

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