How to Use Reverse Video Testimonials To Get New Dental Patients

Growth Hacker Central - Patient Video Testimonials to Get New Dental Patients

Your dental office needs to start using reverse testimonials to get new dental patients if you have not done so already. Testimonials can come from patients in writing or on video. First I’m going to discuss with you what a reverse video testimonial is, then why reverse video testimonials will help you convert viewers of […] Read More

Create Dental Marketing Virility with Gamification

create dental marketing virility with gamification mechanics - by Growth Hacker Central

To understand how to create dental marketing virility with gamification you must first understand that the majority of Dental marketing experts and practice management companies frequently boast that they have the “secret formula” for creating a viral dental marketing promotion and/or campaign… but behind closed doors the majority of them really don’t believe that it’s as easy as […] Read More

7 Dental Practice Marketing Tips To Use Pinterest Like A Pro

7 Dental Practice Marketing Tips To Use Pinterest Like A Pro Have you ever wondered how to improve your dental practice marketing? Ever tried to speculate which social media networks you should be pursuing versus which ones are a waste of time? Pinterest might be your biggest surprise this year. If you are not already […] Read More

10 Reasons Why You May Want A Certified Dental Marketing Assistant

10 Reasons Why You May Want A Dental Marketing Assistant

Having a Certified Dental Marketing Assistant on your team will help you gain control of the most important and least-understood foundations needed to have a profitable and successful Dental practice which hinge on your ability to: The Certified Dental Marketing Assistant Solves Big Problems The problem for most Dentists, however, is that they simply don’t […] Read More

The Definitive Guide to Dentist Marketing

The Ultimate Dental Marketing Plan

The ULTIMATE Dentist Marketing Plan eBook – CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PDF   […] Read More

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