3 important reasons to visit chesterfield dentist Jennifer Wheeler DMD and the team at Midwest Dental

3 Important Reasons to Visit Your Dentist

3 Important Reasons to Visit Your Dentist

For most Americans, reasons to visit your dentist boils down to this:  You go to the dentist so that your teeth can be white, cavity free and to keep your gums healthy. While it is certainly true that regular general dentistry check ups and cleanings help to promote good oral health by preventing tooth decay and gum disease, the benefits of maintaining oral health (keeping your teeth and gums disease-free and looking white and beautiful) reach far beyond your mouth.

Marker for the State of Your Overall Health

Your mouth and tongue are external markers of the state of your overall health and as a result every single patient at Midwest dental (whether for general and/or restorative dentistry) has a thorough screening. Your mouth offers a snapshot into whether you may be suffering from anemia, a vitamin or even a trace element deficiency.  Most patients are shocked when I tell that them a number of viral and bacterial diseases first manifest in your mouth! Your mucous membranes and tongue also reveal whether you may be dehydrated and require additional fluids. We make this assessment for all of our patients when in the office for any number of Dr. Wheeler’s services

Cancer Screening of the Head and NeckIs it time for a checkup with Chesterfield Dentist Jennifer Wheeler DMD

A simple screening and examination of our patients can detect lesions in your mouth, neck, and tongue which could be early precancerous areas of further concern. Early detection and treatment could potentially save your life. Dr. Wheeler can discuss how this important exam can be vital to your health and wellness.

A Healthy Heart and Vascular System

Recent research suggests that poor oral hygiene resulting in plaque buildup and potentially leading to periodontal disease can lead to development of a systemic bacterial infection which could potentially trigger a heart attack or even lead to pneumonia. We still see patients (although not often) who aren’t aware of the fact that poor dental hygiene can have a direct relationship with early death and disease.   As a result, it’s important that you brush and floss (daily) and undergo routine check ups to remove plaque buildup on your teeth… which can be potentially lifesaving.

I invite you to call our office – Your Chesterfield Dentist today to schedule your exam.  I think you’ll find our staff to be consummate professionals, personal, kind and we all have a great sense of humor (which makes it fun and enjoyable for you).   


  • Ken


    April 8, 2016

    I know first hand that good oral health is tied directly to your cardiovascular health. My dad had periodontal disease early in life and 10 years ago he began to suffer from heart disease. His cardiologist said the two were directly linked.

    Great article. Concise… to the point… hard-hitting.

    Thanks again for the great content Dr. Wheeler. (I know it’s hard to write with all the patients you’re seeing. Your commitment to your patients and your community are appreciated.)

    • Jennifer Wheeler, DMD

      April 8, 2016

      Thanks for the support and confidence Ken! It is hard to keep up with all of it… but I made the commitment before I went into practice. Serving others is hard work… but seeing lives being transformed makes all the hard work worth it. 😉